PerimeterX Platform

The PerimeterX Platform is a set of cloud-native infrastructure and services that powers an award-winning suite of application protection solutions. The solutions powered by the Platform protect online businesses against automated attacks and client-side threats, and improve operational efficiency.

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PerimeterX Platform
PerimeterX Bot Defender

Bot Defender

Scalable, behavior-based bot protection for web and mobile applications, and APIs. Defend against account takeover, checkout abuse and web scraping.

Credential Intelligence

Credential Intelligence

Flags and stops the use of compromised credentials on websites and mobile apps in real-time. Leverages an early warning system to stop the viability and proliferation of credential stuffing attacks.

Case Study

We were looking for a solution that could provide us visibility into the client-side scripts. Code Defender was easy to deploy leveraging the same sensor and Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge as Bot Defender.

Lee TarverSr. Manager, Security Architecture and Engineering, Sally Beauty
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Why PerimeterX

Works With Your Existing Infrastructure

The cloud-native PerimeterX Platform seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure and automatically scales to meet demand — no changes or migration required. Over forty pre-built PerimeterX Enforcer integrations support a wide range of content delivery networks (CDNs), load balancers, web servers and application servers. The out-of-band mode of operation is compatible with any cloud-based, appliance-based or serverless infrastructure.

Low Latency Architecture

The cloud-native PerimeterX Platform features an out-of-band low latency architecture that preserves your online customer experience without sacrificing page load performance. By leveraging a common JavaScript Sensor and a globally distributed Detector, you can protect your website from multiple security threats and distractions that interfere with your users’ path to purchase and improve operational efficiency. The Detector is replicated on multiple points of presence (PoPs) around the world including the Asia Pacific and European regions to protect applications globally at scale at the edge.

Future-proof Application Security

The Platform is designed to handle evolving threats and zero-day threats with a lightweight JavaScript Sensor that collects and sends hundreds of client-side signals to the Detector for analysis. The inline Enforcer applies dynamic threat response policies without requiring any analysis on the server side. The out-of-band cloud-based Detector uses over 120 machine learning (ML) algorithms and over 160 ML models to continuously learn new behaviors, detect attacks and apply in-production updates to the Sensor with new intelligence without requiring downtime.

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Future-proof Application Security

How it Works

How it Works
  • Sensor

    The Sensor collects and sends hundreds of client-side indicators and signal to the Detector. These signals are used for validation of human versus bot activity, identification of suspicious script activity and malicious browser extensions to create the device, browser and browser extension fingerprints and script baselines. The same Sensor collects the signals asynchronously for the entire PerimeterX portfolio.

  • Detector

    The machine learning (ML) based Detector continuously learns the common characteristics of human interactions, correlates it with customer-defined policies and updates the Sensor with new intelligence. The Detector maintains a repository of known attacks, shared with all customers, so malicious actions can be blocked quickly. The Detector frequently updates its data set and augments its ML features based on internal and external data. The Detector processes billions of events every day to provide best-in-class detection.

  • Enforcer

    The Enforcer is the gatekeeper for threat response policies generated by the Detector. It enriches and mitigates automated traffic according to business needs. The Enforcer also continuously learns and updates the Detector with relevant data. The Enforcer can be deployed inline into any existing web architecture. In the case where there is no requirement for enforcement on the server, the enforcement is done on the client-side.

  • Portal

    The cloud-based management Portal displays all activity -in real time- including attacks, blocked requests, traffic trends and top threat reports. Manage the configuration and settings for your PerimeterX products from a single pane of glass that features an intuitive admin interface. With it, you can investigate attacks and create custom reports. The portal also supports Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) authentication, including out-of-the-box integrations with Google and Okta.

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